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weldroid - protozorq remixes

artwork protozorq remixes


1 - weldroid - survival kit

2 - weldroid & jesse simpson - in my name [jesse simpson remix]

3 - weldroid & nonima - morning blinds [nonima remix]

4 - weldroid & sheever - sleep tight [darkwoods remix]

5 - weldroid & AN MOKU - abandoned [AN MOKU remix]

6 - weldroid & poliversa - abandoned [poliversa remix]

7 - weldroid & illl - not your fault, baby [illl's bipolar disorder]

8 - weldroid - the protozorq dance

9 - weldroid & osch - abandoned [osch remix]


download full release (artwork & music): flac-ZIP mp3-ZIP
booklet - pdf
front cover - jpg
protozorq remixes wallpaper - png
stream - mp3
1/9 - weldroid - survival kit - 07:15 mp3 flac
2/9 - weldroid & jesse simpson - in my name [jesse simpson remix] - 02:52 mp3 flac
3/9 - weldroid & nonima - morning blinds [nonima remix] - 05:22 mp3 flac
4/9 - weldroid & sheever - sleep tight [darkwoods remix] - 05:54 mp3 flac
5/9 - weldroid & AN MOKU - abandoned [AN MOKU remix] - 05:23 mp3 flac
6/9 - weldroid & poliversa - abandoned [poliversa remix] - 06:56 mp3 flac
7/9 - weldroid & illl - not your fault, baby [illl's bipolar disorder] - 06:06 mp3 flac
8/9 - weldroid - the protozorq dance - 02:10 mp3 flac
9/9 - weldroid & osch - abandoned [osch remix] - 03:55 mp3 flac

all music composed by: weldroid
tracks 1 & 8: weldroid
track 2: reinterpreted by: jesse simpson
track 3: reinterpreted by: nonima
track 4: produced by weldroid & sheever: sheever
track 5: reinterpreted by: AN MOKU
track 6: reinterpreted by: poliversa
track 7: reinterpreted by: illl
track 9: reinterpreted by: olof schröder
cover artwork: weldroid
license: cc-nc-by-nd


the protozorq saga continues

the sequel to the protozorq release (tonAtom.126) is not "just another remix release".
weldroid selected some extraordinary electronic artists from around the world to create new versions of his original tracks as the logical and artistical continuation of his own style and works.
AN MOKU's ambient and harsh reinvention of 'abandoned' is as unique as jesse simpson's cut-up version of 'in my name'. the osch remix of the same original track 'abandoned' is a dreamlike, down-beat treat while the same song inspired poliversa to create an evolving, up-tempo drum-and-bass version. 'morning blinds' as seen through the eyes of nonima makes you immediately want to dance or at least nod to the beat (depending on your temper), while the beautiful 'sleep tight' is resurrected as an ever-changing, almost dubstep-like, almost completely new song.
and if this release was already completed with illl's inspiring 'bipolar disorder' recreation of a more drum-oriented 'not you fault baby' it would already be a fully independent and great release. but this is a weldroid release, and he complemented it with two brand-new original tracks, which as a result makes "protozorq remixes" a nine track release of versatility and awesomeness.

or in other words...: "mechanical, whimsical glitchscapes; haunting synth choirs, slow bells sliding between bitcrushed percussion and growling bass; distorted dreams and robots run amok: this record has a little bit of everything. it's a steady, groove-filled sci-fi soundtrack for rainy nights and long train trips." (joshua saddler)

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