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konsumprodukt - the world of possible winners



download full release (artwork & music): mp3-ZIP
mini CD cover - TIFF
stream - hifi
1/5 - konsumprodukt - bolivian wind - 00:54 mp3
2/5 - konsumprodukt - only my normal ambition - 04:26 mp3
3/5 - konsumprodukt - amenaza poetica (poetic menace) - 02:05 mp3
4/5 - konsumprodukt - hunting sharks at caiman islands - 04:09 mp3
5/5 - konsumprodukt - miguelito in buckingham palace - 04:00 mp3

profile: konsumprodukt
cover artwork: aljen
mastering: matthias spittler


"this world is a place with lots of different ears and different musical tastes. very different people will listen to this music and, for me, this is enough."

dieser release hat es in sich: ein spanischer künstler vermischt field recordings mit sprachsamples und innovative elektronik zu fünf tracks, die ein spannendes schlaglicht auf die elektronikszene spaniens werfen. tradition und innovation vereinigt alejandro remeseiro als "konsumprodukt" auf dieser e.p.
neue klänge, auch für tonAtom...

a release packed with interesting ingredients: a spanish artist blends field recordings with speech samples and innovative electronics. this results in five tracks which give a thrilling insight into the spanish electronic musical scene. both tradition and innovation are combined on this e.p. by alejandro remeseiro a.ka. konsumprodukt.
new sounds, for tonAtom as well...


artwork the world of possible winners

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